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Pastor Marvin L. Winans thanks you for your invitation to share in ministry. Please complete this form and upload the following documents: (1) A formal letter of invitation and (2) your church/ministry Statement of Faith. If your organization does not have a Statement of Faith, please upload your Mission Statement.

Pastor Winans schedule will only allow him to share in ministry one (1) day. When requesting a date, please note that his schedule will not allow time to accept dates on Sundays, Tuesdays, or Saturdays. This form is a request for information only and should not be considered a confirmation. Please allow at least 4-6 weeks to process your request. Thank you.

Pastor/Host Name* :
Church/Organization Name* :
Address* :
City* :
State* :
Zip* :
Telephone* :
Fax :
Office Hours* :
Church/Organization Length of existence* :
Average attendance at Sunday Worship Service* :
(AM)* :
(PM)* :
Mid-week service attendance* :
Meeting Coordinator* :
Telephone Number* :
Alternate phone number, i.e. pager or cell phone :
E-mail Address* :
Requested day and date of ministry* :
Time* :
Type of meeting* :  Conference
 Church Service
Theme :
Special topic requested? : Yes No
If yes please list :
Venue Address (if different than church) :
Occupancy of Facility* :
Expected Attendance* :
Other speakers participating (please list their ministry dates and times) :
Formal letter of invitation
Statement of Faith

*Please note that this request cannot be considered if any of the requested information is not submitted. Upon Completion, please allow up to 4-6 weeks to process your request.

Please enter the characters on the picture :

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