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The Academy to Perfection promotes spiritual growth and stewardship of the Word of God. Through the effective instruction of formal and informal courses of study, the Academy offers “Sunday School” focuses on preliminary bible principles, spiritual lifestyle enhancements, and even classes for children and teens.

The Audio Department is responsible for professional-quality sound for all services and events held and hosted by Perfecting Church. Audio plays an essential role in what we do, and as technology continues to evolve, this department is an anchor in production, service, rehearsals, and recordings.

The Catering Department plans and prepares all food gatherings for Perfecting Church. This department consists of experienced chefs, homemakers, teenagers, and those willing to learn the art of food preparation and service.


Children’s Church assists with the nurturing and spiritual foundation of children ages four to eleven. We service children through weekly services and special events that encourage their participation to promote spiritual growth. The children learn the principles of holiness and the importance of living a holy life.

The Dorcas Society serves as caretakers and aides for Pastor Winans and guest ministers during our worship services. They are watchful and prayerful of probable needs to ensure that the preacher is comfortable and assisted as needed. Dorcas is also responsible for the preparation and assistance of Communion, Feet Washing, and Baptism Services.

The Drama Department exposes the congregation and visitors to the arts with theatrical productions, illustrated sermons, vignettes, and dance. The Drama Department also trains
members in all aspects of the arts through acting, creating costumes, stagecraft make-up, and production.

The Education Department stimulates the minds of students from Kindergarten to College. This department provides scholarships, tutoring, and higher education preparation
workshops. They also serve as follow-up support to students pre and post-college, offering book stipends, prayer, and touchpoints for continued accountability in maintaining quality education.

The Evangelism Department is essential to Perfecting Church. Evangelism is where Ministry meets People where they are and becomes a witness to the lost. This department spreads the word through the streets, jails, schools, hospitals, convalescent homes, and any place where they can be an effective witness. “For if we cease to evangelize, we will eventually die.”

The Follow Up Department works hand in hand with Evangelism. Follow Up is responsible for documenting new convert information to stay connected throughout their growth or
introduction to the things of God.

The Fine Arts Department oversees the musical enrichment of the ministry. This department is
inclusive of the Creative Arts and Music Ministry. Fine Arts consists of:

-Perfected Praise Choir
-Joyful Noise Choir
-Perfecting Youth Chorale
-Kidz of the Kingdom Choir
-Praise & Worship (adult & youth)
-Drama (inclusive of liturgical dancers)

Each department is established with individual requirements and criteria for participation.

Health and Fitness is devoted to the health and wellness of the members and community of Perfecting Church. This department educates, offers fitness classes, health fairs, and hosts community participant sports. The Health and Fitness Department also plans our annual
church picnic.

The Hospitality Department is your initial welcome to Perfecting Church! This department serves beyond a smile by visiting the sick and shut-in, assists in New Member Orientation and, works closely with our Mother& s Board. They act as member and visitor services to ensure a pleasant and harmonious atmosphere at Perfecting Church.

The Media Department governs the bookstore of Perfecting Church. Media handles the duplicating of weekly services, audio and videotape catalogs, processing orders, and stocking the bookstore with a wide selection of Christian literature, music tapes, and other Christ-centered specialty items.

The Mighty Men of Perfecting strives to be an example for men to follow. This department hosts an annual Men’s Weekend, Grill Challenge, and various meetings and outings to
encourage brotherhood and unity.

The Ministerial Alliance Department helps to support those called to preach and teach the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ under the ministry of Perfecting Church. As members of this elect alliance, ministers attend monthly meetings to receive training on all aspects of ministry, instruction in sermon preparation, and assignment schedules for weekly church services. The Ministerial Alliance Department is also responsible for visiting the sick, convalescent, and
bereaved families.

The Bible instructs the “older women to teach the young women in things of the Lord.” The Mother’s Board is in constant prayer for our church and leadership. They are holy women and teach our ladies to be better wives, mothers, and women by example.

The Nursery Department is responsible for providing care to all children from newborn to three years of age during service times. The Nursery Department staff consists of caring,
patient individuals who carefully watch infants so parents may enjoy service without distraction.

The Perfecting Care Department’s mission is to reach out to individuals experiencing unexpected crises by supplying food, clothing, housing, and community resources. Members
are committed to serving at the Perfecting Care Community Center throughout the week by providing vital human services to those in need.

The Perfecting Overcomers Outreach mission is to offer recovery through the power of Jesus Christ by promoting the biblical pattern for conquering strongholds through the Holy Spirit and Word of God. Monthly they host sharing sessions, bible lessons, prayer, support, and encouragement to live a victorious life! The Perfecting Overcomers also provide recovery outreach services, community chaplaincy care, literature, and support groups.

The Political Relations department includes individuals who have a strong interest in the community and political relations. This department reviews, researches, and educates the
the congregation on various related issues and acts as a voice in the community regarding political matters and concerns.

The Public Relations Department spotlights Perfecting Church positively and professionally within the city, the country, and the world. This department ensures that Perfecting Church is involved with the community by partnering with various organizations. The Public Relations department maintains our technology presence, responsible for church press releases and our Voice of Hospitality.

The Security Department of Perfecting Church maintains safety for all members and visitors while attending services. The Security Department patrols the parking lot and surrounding streets to ensure safety. They also monitor all activities during service, are responsible for securing the church building after each service, and safeguard the security of our Pastor.

The Transportation Department provides transit services to anyone in need and who would like to attend worship. This department works with all departments to meet transportation commitments for various church functions, events, and activities.

The Usher Board greets parishioners, maintains seating, assists during giving, and distributes visitor information. This department works with the Security Department in monitoring the corridor and restrooms for safety purposes.

The Wonderful Women of Perfecting Church are a zealous group of ladies desiring to do the will of God. Once joining Perfecting Church, enrollment in this department is automatic for every woman. The Women& s Department hosts an annual Women& s Weekend, various touchpoints via their respective cell groups, and meets every other to encourage sisterhood and unity.

The “C4” Youth Department is committed to youth between the ages of twelve to twenty. This department connects young people to the ministry by hosting weekly services and activities to keep them engaged while teaching them Christian values.